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fresh baked pies
Fresh baked pies throughout the day, from traditional Pecan pie to our award winning Apple Crumb pie, we're sure there's one for every palate.

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"The Big Apple" Pie $18.99 each
Deep dish and delicious. Made with Northern Spy apples and just the right amount of sugar, cinnamon and spices.

Apple Crumb Pie $19.99 each
Our deep dish apple pie went to another level when we added a mound of fresh buttery crumb with just the right amount of brown sugar and cinnamon and baked it to perfection. Winner of Best Apple Crumb Pie in America "2015 National Pie Championships''. On sale now through Thanksgiving for $17.99, reg. $19.99.

Blueberry Pie $19.99 each
Lots of fresh wild blueberries when in season are packed in a deep dish pie crust to make this our top selling fruit pie. Great topped with vanilla ice cream.

Cherry Pie $19.99 each
Michigan cherries harvested in the peak of season are used to make this pie. Probably the best cherry pie you've ever had.

Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie $21.99 each
The name says it all, we mixed a chocolate fudge base, then layered the top with cut pecans.

Coconut Custard Pie $18.99 each
A smooth custard pie loaded with fresh coconut flavor and topped with fresh shaved coconut and baked to perfection to make one of the best Coconut Custard pies you have ever had.

Fruits of the Forest Pie $18.99 each
This pie is a medley of apples, rhubarb,strawberry,blackberry,raspberry. An interesting combination ,also very popular with many.

Peach Pie $18.99 each
Fresh peaches when in season are picked to make this wonderful tasting peach pie.

Pecan Pie $19.99 each
Mammoth pecans on top of a gooey, buttery, rich caramel filling. Fantastic served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.Winner of Best Pecan Pie in America "2015 National Pie Championships''

Pumpkin Pie $16.99 each
A rich flavored pumpkin pie made with 3 different types of pumpkin gives this pie a deep flavored rich pumpkin flavor perfect for the holidays.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie $18.99 each
An old time favorite, red ripe strawberries are combined with fresh rhubarb to create a delicious pie.

Sweet Potato Pie $18.99 each
Dark orange sweet potatoes cooked to perfection with the perfect amount of spices and topped with fresh roasted pecans. Rich, creamy and delicious.

Mince Meat Pie $21.99 each
One of the oldest traditional pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This one is loaded with fresh minced chop meat and cooked with raisins, golden raisins, candied oranges, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon then lightly mixed with Brandy and finally placed over our signature apple pie. We make this pie very similar to the traditional way they were made 1,000 years ago. You must serve this pie warm.

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