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fresh baked breads
Fresh baked throughout the day, we now offer over 35 different flavors, from traditional pumpkin to one of our signature breads. Most flavors need a 2 day advance order.

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Zucchini Crumb Bread $12.99 each
Our classic zucchini bread with a buttery crumb topping. You’ll taste the freshness and abundance of our locally grown zucchini in every bite.

Zucchini Dark Chocolate Bread $12.99 each
Locally grown zucchini, dark chocolate shavings, and pure vanilla extract are blended together to create this flavorful favorite.

Banana Crumb Bread $12.99 each
Moist, rich, and crumbly. Our banana crumb bread is one of our most popular, made with ripe bananas, pure vanilla extract, and the finest European butter.

Pumpkin Crumb Bread $12.99 each
Our bestselling pumpkin bread just got a buttery crumb upgrade. Every bite is rich, moist, and brimming with fresh ingredients and flavors, like nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon.

Pistachio Crumb Bread $12.99 each
Jumbo-sized pistachios blended with our finest ingredients are the secret to the moist, flavorful quality of our classic pistachio bread. We just added a little extra crumbly something to this version.

Zucchini Bread $12.99 each
Locally grown zucchini is the secret behind this popular summer bread. Every bite is a blast of zucchini. We peel and grate loads of it (literally) fresh every day. The work is hard, but the flavorful payoff is more than worth it. Serving suggestion: Zucchini bread needs little dressing. Lightly toast a few slices and serve warm with fine European butter.

Banoffee Bread " bananas, toffee, graham cracker'' $12.99 each
Toffee, graham crackers, and bananas? Yep, White Post Farms has done it. It’s a combination so perfect that explaining it doesn’t do it justice. Simply imagine our classic, dense banana bread infused with the sugary thickness of the finest toffee. Every bite of our banoffee is a sensation of the sweetest flavors to ever meet in a bread. Serving suggestion: Like many of the breads at White Post Farms, our banoffee bread is rich and flavorful enough to serve alone and still impress. But if you’re looking for that added touch, try this: Warm up a few slices and layer them with thinly sliced banana pieces. Right before serving, top it all off with the maple syrup of your choice.

Strawberry Champagne Pound Cake $12.99 each
Romance is in the air! Fresh strawberries, dark chocolate shavings, and a touch of champagne make for a dessert too irresistible not to love. Perfect for Valentine’s Day and a favorite with couples, our strawberry champagne pound cake is a rich, moist, delightfully savory experience. The color alone, a vibrant pink, is enough to make your significant other smile. Serving suggestion: Enjoy a few slices with the one you love or offer it as a dessert at your next party. Serve it warm and pair with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cranberry Orange Bread $12.99 each
Loaded with cranberries and freshly squeezed oranges, this bread is a fall classic bursting with fruity flavor while the all-natural flavor of blood oranges infuses every savory bite with a kick of sweet, tangy taste. Serving suggestion: A loaf of our cranberry orange nut bread makes for a great gift come holiday time, as well as a seasonal dessert around the home. Our customers rave about it at breakfast, too, thinly sliced and served as is: simply delicious.

Chocolate Monkey Bread $12.99 each
A bread with such a curious name better deliver with loads of flavor—and this one does. Ripe bananas, dark chocolate, and honey roasted peanut butter are blended to moist perfection in this sweet alternative to the same old. Then, as if that isn’t enough, we toss a generous serving of peanut butter cups into the mix. For any fan of chocolate and peanut butter, our chocolate monkey creation is a solid winner. Serving suggestion: Kids will be clamoring for another slice or three of our chocolate monkey bread, possibly even begging. As a dessert, it rocks, but like our other breads, versatility is key. Cut thin slices and use them to make delicious PB&J sandwich treats. Talk about lunch with a sweet twist!

Xtreme Chocolate Pound Cake $12.99 each
The name says it all. This is the pound cake that will impress even the most diehard chocolate lovers. It’s just like a brownie—the richest, moistest, fudgiest brownie ever. ‘Nuff said. Serving suggestion: Heat up a slice and pair it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce.

Old Fashioned Pound Cake $12.99 each
The pound cake you know and love just got better. Rich, moist, and satisfying, every bite is a flavorful lesson in the power of simplicity. Leave it to our bakers to take fresh, basic ingredients, including the finest European butter and the purest vanilla extract, and make a classic even more delicious, more satisfying, more memorable. Serving suggestion: Lightly toast a slice and pair with fresh berries and cream for something different.

Pistachio Bread $12.99 each
Here’s one for pistachio lovers: Whole, jumbo-sized, and salted pistachios are put through an extraction process to capture their distinctive quality and then blended to create a deliciously moist and flavorful bread. Think pistachio ice cream, only better…and in a loaf of bread! Serving suggestion: Our pistachio bread goes perfect with afternoon tea and biscuits. Serve it warm and add a dollop of whipped cream for every slice.

Banana Nut Bread $12.99 each
Our classic banana favorite is just as enticing, if not more so, when coupled with a wonderfully nutty flavor and crunchy texture. We’ve taken our beloved banana recipe and added in just the right amount of jumbo-sized walnuts. Every bite is a rich blast of banana flavor and hearty nutrition. Did you know that walnuts contain a significant amount of heart-healthy omega-3s, protein, vitamins, and minerals? Well, it’s true, but chances are you’ll be too busy savoring every last morsel to notice. Serving suggestion: Just like our banana bread and banana dark chocolate breads, banana nut is deliciously versatile. Try it as French toast or serve it alongside a scoop of ice cream in the summer months. Just as acceptable would be to serve yourself a slice, with a tall cup of milk, and enjoy the rich nutty flavors all by their delicious lonesome.

Cranberry Orange Nut Bread $12.99 each
Loaded with cranberries and freshly squeezed oranges, this bread is a fall classic bursting with fruity flavor. Jumbo walnuts add a hearty crunch, while the all-natural flavor of blood oranges infuses every savory bite with a kick of sweet, tangy taste. Serving suggestion: A loaf of our cranberry orange nut bread makes for a great gift come holiday time, as well as a seasonal dessert around the home. Our customers rave about it at breakfast, too, thinly sliced and served as is: simply delicious.

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Bread $12.99 each
Chocolate lovers and cheesecake enthusiasts have finally found common ground. Only the finest Belgian dark chocolate goes into our dark chocolate cheesecake bread, along with chocolate pudding, cocoa powder, and the finest vanilla. The result is edible decadence. Rich, dense, and moist, this is one bread you will have trouble believing is, well, a bread at all. Serving suggestion: Dark chocolate and cheesecake seldom need any explanation. Served alone, the combination is often enough to satisfy and then some, but our customers have given us plenty of ideas over the years. Try slicing a few thin, delicate pieces, then fry lightly, and lather fine European butter on both sides of each slice. Serve warm next to a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Or, if cheese and a lot of it is more your style, try a slice with a topping of Philadelphia cream cheese.

Wild Blueberry Pound Cake $12.99 each
Step aside, blueberry pie. We use only the freshest, largest, handpicked wild blueberries from Maine to get the bold punch of flavor that this pound cake packs. Every bite is rich, moist, and absolutely delicious. It’s like pie, only better. Serving suggestion: Lightly toast a few slices and dust with confectioners’ sugar.

GingerBread Pound Cake $12.99 each
Gingerbread cookies are synonymous with the holidays. And now gingerbread pound cake is, too! Our bakers have gone and taken everything you love about gingerbread and crafted it into a pound cake recipe worthy of the White Post Farms stamp of approval. Moist and flavorful, it’s a wonderfully savory complement to the gingerbread family of sweet desserts. But don’t dream about it for too long: Our original gingerbread creation is only available during November and December. Serving suggestion: Out with the old and in with the new. Forgo the cookies and complicated house-building instructions by surprising your family and friends this holiday season with a gingerbread pound cake. Pair it with a delicious buttercream icing for just the right added touch of sweetness.

Pumpkin Bread $12.99 each
Moist, delicious, and packed with pumpkin flavors and spices, this classic bread is consistently one of our bestsellers and a quintessential fall favorite. We handpick the pumpkins and ensure that only the densest make it into our recipes, alongside the purest vanilla extract, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. Serving suggestion: Our pumpkin bread is well known for making delicious French toast. Serve with fresh Vermont maple syrup, European butter, and just a touch of whipped cream.

Burnt Sugar Bread $12.99 each
Our burnt sugar concoction is like a crème brulee…only it’s a bread! Every scrumptious bite is an experience in savory taste and silky texture, courtesy of the purest vanilla, eggs, and milk. And of course, there’s the caramelized sugar. Deliciously decadent, it adds just the right touch of sweetness to this utterly rich, wonderfully dense, and perfectly moist holiday favorite. Serving suggestion: Our burnt sugar loaves look as wonderful as they taste. Wrap one up and bring it to your next holiday party. Guests will love you for it.

Tonka Bean Cherry Pound Cake $12.99 each
A vanilla-scented black seed as flavorful as it is enticingly fragrant, the tonka bean is one amazing ingredient. All the way from South America, it has found its way into one of our newest pound cake recipes. Together with pure vanilla extract and cherries, and layered with a dark chocolate crumb topping, it makes for a flavor combination that we are certain you have not had the pleasure of tasting before. So go ahead, give in to the power of the tonka bean and don’t ever look back. Serving suggestion: Shun the sides. Forgo the toppings. Just one bite of our Tonka Bean Cherry creation and you’ll understand why. It’s a flavor sensation incredible enough to satisfy sans any of the usual trimmings. Of course, if you feel the need to pair it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, we won’t stop you.

Corn Bread $7.99 each
If you’re a fan of corn, and a whole lot of it, then White Post Farms has the bread for you. Sure, our corn bread sounds familiar, but it’s a take on the homestyle classic that you will have to taste to believe. Moist, dense, and flavorful, it’s one of our most popular flavors, especially during the holidays. Our base ingredients, corn and corn meal, are blended to exacting specifications to create a deliciously fluffy and textured bread that will delight guests at any dinner table. Serving suggestion: Alone or topped with butter, our corn bread aims to please. Order a few loaves for your next BBQ or introduce it to the family at the next holiday occasion. Pair it with turkey and stuffing for the full-course experience.

Sweet Potato Bread $12.99 each
Curl up on the couch with a cup of something warm and this delicious fall trio: sweet potatoes, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Dense with flavor, every moist bite is a savory sojourn. Not a fan of sweet potato? Well, you are now. Serving suggestion: Serve yourself a sweet potato slice with the maple syrup of your choice, and, in keeping with the fall theme, pair it with a cup of apple cider.

Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Bread $12.99 each
Perfect for both Halloween and the holidays, this pumpkin and dark chocolate combo is another favorite, especially with the kids! Dark chocolate shavings add a rich, savory element to our bestselling pumpkin recipe. Still moist, delicious, and flavorful, it’s now also an opportunity to get your chocolate fix for the day. Serving suggestion: Just like our pumpkin bread, our dark chocolate pumpkin bread is also renowned for making delicious French toast. Serve with fresh Vermont maple syrup, European butter, and just a touch of whipped cream.

Beer Bread $12.99 each
It’s okay to eat and drive! Here’s a bread that our Guinness? drinkers (and non-Guinness? drinkers, too) will love. Its thick, bold taste is characteristic of a dark Irish malt beer. You’ll taste the hops and unique flavor of roasted, unmalted barley in every satisfying bite. Even the kids will be asking for more. And yes, because we know you’re thinking it, you can serve it to them! Serving suggestion: Gather up your rowdiest friends for the next big game and try out our crowd-pleasing beer bread. Looking for a unique dessert to bring to the family BBQ? Then this bread is sure to top your list. Whatever the event, our loyal customers frequently pick up a few of our jumbo beer bread loaves because they know that it only takes a few bites before everyone will want a piece.

Hot Chocolate & Oreo Cookies Bread $12.99 each
Not your ordinary bread, one of our most popular. Mounds of oreo cookie are added to an already delicious chocolate bread and mixed with a fresh hot chocolate mix. Great any time of the day.

Zucchini Nut Bread $12.99 each
We took our classic recipe and added jumbo-sized California walnuts for that extra flavorful crunch that our customers love. Not to mention, our zucchini is locally grown, peeled and grated every day. But don’t take our word for it. One slice and you’ll know that taste this good could only be the result of the freshest, finest, and most delicious ingredients. Serving suggestion: Just like our classic zucchini bread, the zucchini nut version also needs little in the way of toppings. Just toast a few slices, serve warm with butter, sit back, and savor every bite.

Apple Crumb Bread $12.99 each
Inspired by the classics—homemade apple pie and dense, filling crumb cake—our apple crumb bread is a fall favorite bursting with rich, all-natural flavors. Freshly shaved granny smith apples picked from the farm are blended with just the right amount of warm, spicy cinnamon to create an irresistibly moist and delicious bread topped off with a buttery layer of crumbly goodness. Serving suggestion: Start your day off right with a slice of our apple crumb bread. Toast it lightly until golden brown and serve with a thin layer of butter. Or better yet, try apple butter! Pair with a bold cup of coffee and enjoy the first morning of a new breakfast tradition. Still want more? Warm apple crumb bread and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream together make for the perfect after-dinner dessert on a cool autumn night.

Lemon Crumb Pound Cake $12.99 each
Lemon zest and buttery flavors, topped off with a layer of lemon crumbs, have garnered this pound cake a spot on our list of favorites. Simple but never boring, fresh lemon zest is sometimes all you need to lift your spirits. Not to mention, it’s the moistest, most satisfying incarnation you will find of this classic dessert. Serving suggestion: Toast a few thin slices and serve, with butter, for a breakfast treat. Or, for a midday dessert, pair a slice with apricot jam.

Carrot Bread $12.99 each
At White Post Farms, we strive only for the best. So when we set out to craft a carrot bread unlike any that have come before, we knew we needed the sweetest juice carrots in the world to make it happen. So we found them—California’s famous juice carrots—and have been using them ever since, together with our roster of quality ingredients. Jumbo pecans, apple sauce, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and the finest vanilla are carefully blended to time-tested proportions that yield a moist, flavorful bread sure to make your list of favorites. Serving suggestion: Warm up a slice of our carrot bread and top it off with vanilla icing. Perfect as a dessert for two or as a birthday party centerpiece. Adults will be asking about it; kids always love it. It’s the carrot bread we’ve always known, only better.

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