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> white post thins

white post thins
Made with the freshest ingredients. Thin, delicious, and fresh. Only available from Wednesday to Saturday, no takeout.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Barbecue Chicken Thin $11.99 each
Grilled chicken, our mozzarella cheese blend, bermuda onions, and fresh celentro are topped with a great bbq sauce over our thin crust.

Buffalo Chicken Thin $11.99 each
Fresh celentro, blazin buffalo chicken, and Bermuda onions accompany blue cheese and our mozzarella cheese blend on top of our very thin crust. Only available 11-3 Wednesday to Saturday.

Grandma Thin $9.99 each
Our homemade grandma sauce lightly spooned on our blend of mozzarella cheese. Perfect amount of garlic, basil, traditional homemade flavor.

White Thin $9.99 each
Our 3 cheese blend of parmesan, fresh ricotta, and our mozzarella cheese top our thin crust with a moderate spoonful of bachamel sauce. Great flavor.

Original Tomato Thin $7.99 each
Our homemade tomato sauce is covered with a great blend of mozzarella cheese. Tasty, light, and thin.

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